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below, minus the content in the brackets.

Is this working? Does this work? Can I do one last post here on LJ via that email system I signed up for back in 2002, without accepting their new Terms of Use, to say that I won't be posting here anymore because of their new Terms of Use. [No, I could not. SO I accepted the new ToU to post this.]

You can find me on tumblr at heidi8.tumblr.com as well as FYeahCopyright.tumblr.com and, of course, on Dreamwidth at http://heidi.dreamwidth.org - I need to back up my post-10/13 LJ onto Dreamwidth, though, so I guess I have to approve the new ToU to accomplish that. Bleh. [Yep.] You can Friend me on the Book of Faces, too, if you want, or catch me on Twitter.

A few years ago when I switched from Pinkfinity back to my original Heidi8, I was told that people thought I'd deleted my LJ because of Ancient Wank from A Million Years Ago (Or Maybe 2003) so please screencap this and remember it: I will not be expressly deleting this LJ. If someone at LJ decides that I'm violating the Terms of Use deletes it, there's nothing I can do about it.

I'll leave with a link to an interesting thread on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ztsamudzi/status/853683785845673988 - it made me think a lot today about language that we have and use, that we may not have had five or fifteen or twenty years ago, how the type of interactive and social media that we choose to use informs and impacts how we interact with other people, and how a change of spaces can change how we create, share, comment on and learn from content.

I'll miss the hell out of LJ, and I really hope I don't miss any of you. Please email me (heidi8 on gmail) if you want to say where you're going without having to post here or anywhere else I'm already located.


I wonder if this still posts to LJ.

So, has anyone posted this on livejournal yet?


Guess what came in the mail today? Huzzah for reading!Collapse )
And can someone explain why the red ribbon place marker arrived set to the page with the first illustration of Draco Malfoy?
(Yes, I'll be doing an HP reread, after I finish Carry On and read my first Stephanie Meyers novel (no, I never read Twilight, yes I'm going to read Life and Death to see if I read it differently from friends who read Twi either as research or in appreciation/fannishness).)

Harry Potter Panel Returning to SDCC!

We are on the schedule for Comic Con again this year! Who'll be out in San Diego for all the fun?
(I'm officially not allowed to share the date yet, but as of now we are not on the schedule for the end of the day on Sunday, but earlier!)

(And hey, I'm trying the Related Posts feature with this - let's see how it works!)

Every year, I resolve.

In 2014, heidi8 resolves to...
Spend more time with my fanvids.
Give up Cards Against Humanity.
Backup my kripke regularly.
Go to Marvel every Sunday.
Spend less time on fanfiction.
Take evening classes in Ten.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Some yeah, and some, well, I just don't think so.

How's everyone's December going?

Show, Episode 200

I have so many feels about Show last night, I can't even. But I'll try...

Back in the summer of 2005, I was at the Beverly Hilton with my grandma; we were in town for my niece's babynaming and there were all these posters all over the hotel for the new season of shows on TheWB, including something called Supernatural. It looked too horrorshow for me.

It took until 2006 for so many of you to fangirl it so hard that I started watching; I haven't stopped, I'm still into Show, and that's why my soul is overflowing with joy at how much #Supernatural200 was/is a love letter from Supernatural to the fans, and from the fans to the show. Thanks to the network, the writers, producers, directors, cast (past and present) and everyone behind the scenes, but more than that...

Thanks to the creative minds in this fandom, because without their fic, art, cosplay & more, wouldn't exist.

This episode - this transformative episode of a show that's not some meandering genre dreck - exists because the fans have created so much awesome. No other show can do - or say - that like Supernatural can.

Go, fangirl.

Because what every Supernatural fan has done to create, inspire, share, rec, curate and squee about when fangirling (or fanboying) is the reason we have this episode. Thank you, fandom, for doing so much to make #SPN200 possible.

It's like Misha said last night:

I have a hunch that missyjack and I may try to parlay this into a panel at SDCC this summer, because what's happened with SPN and its fandom, as shown by, in and through this episode, is unique - and probably not emulatable by any other show, film, webseries or book series, but it's a fascinating showcase of what happens when The Powers That Be let the transformative works develop amongst the fans. It's aspirational, it's magical and it's family.

And now I have to go and ponder whether a fan-staging of "Fan Fiction" would be a transformative work/fair use.

Placeholder for my Dear Author letter

Yuletide Stuff Will Go Here.
Cover of tomorrow's Sunday Times. Read more...Collapse )
It's on their Twitter account right now and it's a little early for April Fool's Day, so we assume it's true.

Hypable has a more extensive piece on it.
In a new interview conducted by Emma Watson, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling drops a bombshell: She regrets putting Ron and Hermione together.

The shocking revelation came in the new issue of Wonderland which Watson is a guest editor of this month. The comments were obtained by The Sunday Times.

Rowling says that she should have put Hermione and Harry together in the Harry Potter series instead of Hermione and Ron.

“I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment,” she says. “That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” she continued, “I can hear the rage and fury it might cause some fans, but if I’m absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this? I hope not.”

Watson didn’t seem shocked by these comments and agreed with her. “It think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy.”

Rowling also says that Ron and Hermione would have needed “relationship counseling.”


A Perfect Storm of Transformative Works

Today has been an absolutely magnificent perfect storm of things that are partially about fannish creativity and legal issues. Basically, within a fifteen minute time frame of my life today, I did an analysis of copyright language,  got a text that the ruling in the Google Books case was in and it was a massigve victory for Fair Use and transformative works in so many ways that can be analogized to fanfic, and *then* while I was sitting in my car tweeting about it, the Amazon delivery guy arrived with my copy of FIC: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World (and if you haven't started Following FIC editor Anne Jamison on tumblr yet, today is the day to!).

Transformatives working...Collapse )

Is it time for Yuletide yet?

I have three fandoms that I definitely want to nominate: Tomorrow People 2013, Julian May's Galactic Milieu novels and Tuff Turf (for which there is absolutely NO fic on Ao3 and isn't that a crime of Downey-Spader proportions?).

But what should my 4th be?

Recommendations, suggestions and requests, while noting that Fantastic Beasts: The Movie Series is not eligible because Harry Potter.

Still Into You (Supernatural)

Are you still watching Supernatural?

I almost stopped at some point in S7 - but I watched them all by the time the season ended, and loved Season Eight in so many ways, and for so many reasons.

In other words, Supernatural, I'm still into you.

I should get over all the butterflies, but I'm into you.

So since a song summed it up so well, I had to put it into fanvid form.

Title: Still Into You
Song By: Paramore
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, Show-love
Characters: Oh, everyone! Not literally, and it's mostly Sam and Dean, but there's Bobby and Castiel and John, Henry and Mary Winchester, Charlie, Kevin, Andy, Ash, Jo, Ellen, Meg, Ruby, Death, some Leviathans, a number of demons and God (or Chuck). Play spot-the-episode!
Warnings: There's under one second of images from the teaser that's been released for S9. Blink and you'll miss it. Blink at 1.22 for about two seconds if you want to miss it. If you blink you won't be dead, SuperWhoLock people. I promise.Watch it here.Collapse )

New Harry Potter-Verse Film!!!!

based on Fantastic Beasts http://t.co/GXTB8YKJxb

Via Hypable

SXSW Panel Voting Thingy

Flourish, me and Anne Jamison (the editor of the FIC! book from SmartPop that I've written a chapter for) have panel proposals up for voting for SXSW and SXSWEDU.

All you have to do is take a minute to register, and a moment to vote - the Public Vote portion of the South By Southwest selection process counts for about 30% of the selection process, so your support might tip us over the edge!

Only a few proposals were submitted for SXSW 2014 sessions that focus on fans - their creativity, marketing to them, dealing with legal issues involving them, etc.

Luckily, two of the proposals - one in SXSWEDU and one in SXSW2014 - are fantastic, and fronted by experts on fannish creativity - including the editor of SmartPopBooks' upcoming FIC! collection, and one of the essayists who's included in that book. .

Professor Anne Jamison of the University of Utah has teamed up with intellectual property/fandom lawyer Heidi Tandy for the SXSWEDU proposal, which you can vote for (and post to FB/LinkedIn/Twitter about) at http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/25460 - the presentation is inspired by SmartPop Books' upcoming FIC! which is a collection of essays about fanfiction and fandom in the past and at present, with predictions for the future. This session is unique in the SXSWEDU track because of its focus on a topic that resonnates with teens and young adults and captures their attention in the classroom.

Heidi has also teamed up with Flourish Klink of The Alchemists for "Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the Worls" - you can vote and support it here: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/25432 . Fanfiction has become completely mainstream - in some sectors and to some creators. Whether that is a good thing for fans, for creators, for publishers, for tv networks or social media companies is a question that unfolds and changes every day. Where do fan-created projects come from, and where - in this world of tumblr, Kindle Worlds, actors writing their own scripts and filks, and fans doing commissions and tie-ins - is it going?

We need your support for both of these sessions get to be part of SXSW! Vote now at http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/25432 and http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/25460 to include these unique, vital sessions at SXSW!

THANKS in advance!


Is it time for Yuletide yet?

No, probably not, but with the announcement today that James Spader will be Ultron in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, and the awesome flashbacks to Tuff Turf on tumblr and twitter (including Whedon's tweet today) I've decided that since there are NO fics for the movie on AO3, I'm definitely asking for Tuff Turf for Yuletide - and I may offer to write it, too.

(I'm also asking for Tomorrow People Old Series and this year's reboot of it. Wow, can I actually be done with planning my YT request choices already and it isn't even September yet?)


Teen Wolf Vid to ODDS ARE

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Title: Odds Are
Vidder: heidi8
Song: "Odds Are" by Barenaked Ladies (off their Grinning Streak album which I always read as "Grinning Sterek")
Summary: Odds are we're gonna be alright for another night.
Crossposted to: tumblr

All the pack-feels. All the friendships, relationships, romances, families and magic (and only a very little bit of evil).

Notes: WARNING - SPOILERS for the episode that aired tonight (3.12).
Vid behind the cutCollapse )
You can make a public post and let people know that the comments will be full of Teen Wolf spoilers for the ACCIDENTALLY RELEASED ON iTUNES SEASON 3 FINALE episode (which has since been pulled down but you might be able to reach it via this link).

So, let's discuss it! Comments a-flail!

(Actual post from me re high school omg high school coming later this weekend when I hear how orientation went.)


Harry/Comic Con!

Sixth year running, we're doing a Harry Potter fan panel at Comic Con - this year it's at 4:15 in 6DE (same room as the last few years) and since it's one of the final panels at the Con, I'm strongly considering planning to decamp to a nearby bar for an hour or two afterwards to stave off post-con drop (and because my flight doesn't leave until 9:45).

Who's coming to Comic Con? Who'll still be alert and awake for our HP panel?
Crossposted from Tumblr.

Amazon is working with WB to publish (read: sell) fanfiction from the Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries 'verses. And they said that more "worlds" will be announced soon. 

Basically, fanfic writers will be able to sell their fics - formatted for Kindle - via Amazon, and the restrictions are not as massive as you'd think!

No crossovers. 

No excessive product placement for non-show brands. 

No porn

But here's the thing about porn! Amazon says they don't allow porn to be sold on their site, so as long as your fic content is no more explicit than anything that's on Amazon's site today (see: 50 Shades and anything in the erotica category) then it won't run afoul of Amazon's content restrictions - and if they say it does, then the Internet will stand behind you as if you were a Nutella fan barred from celebrating its wonderful tastiness. 

HOWEVER, each World Licensor will be providing "Content Guidelines" for their specific 'verse - and I can't find those anywhere. THAT might make a significant impact on what types of fanfic one can and cannot sell, but until we've had a chance to look through them, we can't determine the specifics. 

I don't think it's realistic to be concerned that the existence of Kindle Worlds will mean that tv show/film/book creators will stamp out freely given fics. At this point, Kindle Worlds will only accept things over 5000 words, anyway, and the longstanding laches issue that protects fics posted elsewhere and given away will still hold. 

However, it does mean that people who write in the fandoms covered by Kindle Worlds and sell ebooks of those stories outside of the Kindle license may find themselves dealing with cease & desist letters. But there was always a chance they would because of the commercial aspect of that action. 

Also, this will leave fandom with a lot of questions on issues other than legality be on fan-created gift culture, commissions, fundraising for charity, or even the ability of pro writers to write in other universes> 

Does this further "legitimize" fan creativity (which I think has long been a pretty legit hobby), will it just create an additional outlet for story distribution, and what other fandoms will WB add? 

I wouldn't be shocked if they bring Tomorrow People into this as the show launches in the fall, but what about things that are ending their runs like Nikita, or shows with massive fanbases and almost a decade of fan creativity, like the behemoth that is Supernatural?

Oh, and here't the royalty-related info: 

  • Amazon Publishing will pay royalties to the rights holder for the World (we call them World Licensors) and to the Fic Author. Fic Author's standard royalty rate for works of at least 10,000 words will be 35% of net revenue.

  • In addition, with the launch of Kindle Worlds, Amazon Publishing will pilot an experimental new program for particularly short works (between 5,000 and 10,000 words). For these short stories—typically priced under one dollar—Amazon will pay the royalties for the World Licensor and will pay authors a digital royalty of 20% of net revenue. The lower royalty for these shorter works is due to significantly higher fixed costs per digital copy (for example, credit-card fees) when prices for the entire class of content will likely be under one dollar.

Now, I want to be very clear - I think the possible impacts of this are serious and significant and will change fandom massively - but I'm not sure that it gives any rightsholders any additional rights/chances/ability to go after anyone who's giving their fic away for free - at least not in the US, under current IP law.

Clothing I love

Does anyone in the UK (ok, in all of Europe) know if the dress Clara wears here (spoilers for title and clothing in an upcoming Doctor Who episode) is available in any shop (even without the collar, which might've been added by the costumers if they bought the dress itself off the rack)?

I really, really want to wear this to Comic Con.


Cheers from Disneyland!

Hi! I'm heidi8.

Crossposted from Tumblr (and twitter, sort of):



i’d just like to take this brief time to remind everyone who asserts that the internet is full of leeches who pirate and steal hollywood’s “property” and don’t think that there needs to be a new business model for the way hollywood funds and markets film that a relatively small fandom of a relatively small show is about to raise 2 million dollars in 24 hours just because a cast they used to love asked for their help.

so much this

It marks a sea change in the interaction between creators (who are, re TV and film (and music) usually not the copyright-holders, or who have licensed away their ability to use the works they have created) and fans. 

I've seen some concern about WB's role in this, and various industry websites say that WB is handling distribution & things related to that (the way 20th Century Fox did for Lucasfilm, or Disney did for PIXAR initially) as well as legal clearance issues (via their legal department). No, it's not an "indie" in the way we traditionally think of them, but many indies get picked up by studios at film festivals & events and distributed by majors; for this film, since WB owns the IP per whatever agreements they have from 2003/2004 with Rob Thomas, that structure was put into place ahead of time. 

Fascinating discussion of the studio process, as well as the "ethics of using Kickstarter for something distributed by a major company" went on last night between Leverage's John Rogers and AtlanticWire's Richard Lawson (among others) who wrote something that I thought was frankly ridiculous yesterday (no, kickstarter is not for charities and nobody is saying the VM film is one; most backers are pre-buying a product they will receive and a few people are buying a chance to be in a film, which is their choice to do with their money). 

The idea that those who back at the DVD level are being double-charged for the product is, imnsho, incorrect as cartoonist Gordon McAlmin discussed - and he also reminded me that "It's worth noting here that Kickstarter prohibits financial rewards including ownership and financial returns." As someone who saw Avengers twelve times in theaters, and paid for it ten times (two were sneak previews) was I deca-charged? If I was, was I totally okay with that? Or did I pay for something ten times, that I received ten times?

For those who think that the VM kickstarter is a bad use of their money, or who aren't interested, that's their call. Nothing wrong/problematic with coming to that decision. But acting (as mansplainer Richard Lawson did)  like your view is the only correct or appropriate one by saying things like, "My gut still finds all the upfront money talk to be a bit unrefined, let's say. Art should exist for art's sake..." will cause a lot of people in the entertainment industry, and in the fandom for any show, film, book, comic, music or sports team, to laugh at you. 

The irony of this is, the VM Kickstarter was announced a few hours before we learned there would be a new Pope, and was fully funded just after his first prayers in Rome. Remember the days when the Pope and the church and the aristocracy were the primary Patrons of Art, and the riff-raff's theatricalities were at risk of shut-downs by The Powers That Be because of Indecency and such? 

Now, we all know, anyone can create art, and because of the internet and the democratization of funding, anyone can support art - whether it's on ETSY or via a Kickstarter to bring a much-fanned-about story to the movies. 

Isn't that awesome? 

The Two Million Dollar Mars-ian

Spent a lot of time today discussing implications for IP/creative control & impact on fans & fandoms & Fannish creativity. Worst thing I read on this was in AtlanticWire by @rilaws: The increase of rabid, vocal fandom is destroying conversation!
No. Fans create conversations and it is a good show runner - and exec office - that work with, not against, the fans as both support each other.
Yes, I'm helping Kickstart the Veronica Mars film though I rarely watched the show, because I support the concept of crowd funding creativity and see the involvement of WB as distributor as similar to a writer buying back rights to an out of print book so she can write a sequel.
So, on this, who else is in already?
Good piece on the implications by Mo Ryan, too.
Song: The Polecats' Make a Circuit With Me (lyrics below)
Fandom: Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe
Genre: Gen (but you can see seventeen dozen ships in the vid if you want), Crack-ish
Where have I heard that song before? It was used in one of the ads for WALL-E. It's from the early 80s.
Beta thanks: hllangel
Watch it at: YouTube

Or click here...Collapse )

The song's not always the clearest, so if you want to check out the lyrics, here they are!Collapse )

VID: Perfect Day (Hunger Games)

Perfect Day: A "Hunger Games Highlights Showcase" Trailer

As Suzanne Collins wrote in The Hunger Games:
"...On Victor's Night...they replay the highlights of the Games on a screen over the stage where we did our interviews. The winner sits in a place of honor...
There's this sort of upbeat soundtrack playing under it that makes it twice as awful because, of course, almost everyone on-screen is dead...
Whoever puts together the highlights has to choose what sort of story to tell. This year, for the first time, they tell a love story...."

The premise behind this vid, which has been in my head since I saw the film for the first time last March, is that the Highlights Show producers (a) use "classic" songs from Panem's past during the Highlights show, and (b) make trailers that air while the Victor is recuperating, in the days before the actual Highlights show. So this vid is meant to be one of those trailers, and it's set to Hoku's Perfect Day, which I coincidentally listened to on the way home from seeing the film the first time (with Hllangel, who this vid is dedicated to as a belated birthday present).

Ships: The Capitol wants you to see Katniss/Peeta. So does Peeta.

Watch it behind the cutCollapse )

Richard III

Crossposted from Tumblr:

The skeleton found in a Greyfriars carpark is that of Richard III, killed in the Battle of Bosworth. 

Back in 2008 there was a discussion on HPfGU about "published" fanfic (some of that discussion ended up in Bookshop's I'm Done Explaining Why Fanfic Is Okay LJ post & comments thereto), and I rambled a bit about whether Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time qualified as fanfic of Shakespeare's Richard III. In a pithy way, it may be, but it's more that it looks at the same source material, the historical record, and comes to a different storyline, set of characters and, in fact, conclusion. 

As was pointed out to me at the time, Shakespeare puts Richard as Duke of Gloucester in a battle when he's eight years old, exaggerates his failings and blames him for the deaths of the princes when it was more likely an action by the Tudors and their supporters, because in Shakespeare's time, and world, the support of Queen Elizabeth was vital to his success. He was much better off lauding her grandfather and belittling the man Henry VII had deposed. 

From the City of York's website, regarding Richard's plans for after his death, and what actually happened....

Richard even planned to be buried at York Minster, a radical ambition as English monarchs were traditionally interred at Westminster Abbey.  He planned to build an enormous chantry chapel at the Minster where 100 additional chaplains would pray for his soul.

York looked to Richard to help it at a time of economic decline, and actively championed his short reign. The city sent troops to support his cause, including 80 dispatched to support him after Henry Tudor’s invasion.  They were too late and the Tudor era had begun.

‘King Richard, late mercifully reigning over us, was through great treason . . . piteously slain and murdered, to the great heaviness of this city,’ reported the mayor’s serjeant of the mace a day after Richard’s death at the Battle of Bosworth on August 22, 1485. 

So today the news heralds the disclosure that RIchard III's skeleton was found in a carpark, and I'll hope to make a trek there the next time I'm in the UK, as well as to wherever they set as his final resting place. Will he be brought to York, or to Westminster? Does the Queen make this decision?  

What will the confirmation of this discovery do for his reputation and place in history? Inquiring Ricardians want to know, and want to shape and impact the discussion. 


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